Download Super and Su for Lineage OS 14.1


If you want to root your Android Phone then You will need Super file and If you want to remove root access then You will need Su file so today I am sharing Super and Su with all of you friends.

Download Super For Lineage OS 14.1

You can Download Super for Lineage OS 14.1 below.

Name File
su (arm)
su (arm64)
su (x86)


Download Su For Lineage OS 14.1

You can Download Su for Lineage OS 14.1 below.

Name File
su removal (arm)
su removal (arm64)
su removal (x86)


These Super and Su files for Lineage OS 14.1.If you don’t know which file to download then keep reading.

Which File To Download ?

After knowing that there are three types of Super and Su then everyone would be thinking to which files to download for their Android device.You can checkout which file is support by your Android phone by following below steps.

  1. First of all, Download Droid Hardware Info from Google Play Store or APK.
  2. Now tap on System tab.
  3. Now Under Processor, Note your CPU Architecture.
  4. Now convert the information.


SU (ARM) ARMv7 or armeabi
SU (ARM64) AArch64 or arm64
SU (x86) x86 or x86abi


Now you can download Super and Super without any problems.If you face any problems then report us.We will try to solve your problems as soon as possible.If you found it helpful then share it with others.


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